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Testimonial from lindsey

I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to shadow Dr. Hurbanek and his team for a month. This experience was invaluable, as I learned about the day-to-day life and responsibilities of a well-respected orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Hurbanek and his staff were incredibly welcoming, answering all of my questions and teaching me as the month progressed. Through observing during clinical appointments, I learned much about the diagnosis and treatment process. Dr. Hurbanek was sure to possess a comprehensive history of his patients prior to observation and recommending treatment. He also presented multiple options to each patient, depending on their medical history, desired activity level, etc. Throughout these appointments, I was able to take detailed notes and even began deducing possible problems on my own by the end of the internship. In addition, Dr. Hurbanek taught me how to take patient histories and allowed me to practice these new skills. It was exciting to talk with patients and report back to the team. Throughout my time in the clinic, I was also able to assist with injections, learning more about the possible types and how to perform an ultrasound-guided injection. It was definitely an exciting, hands on way to learn more about treating various ailments.

I was also able to observe Dr. Hurbanek in the operating room performing numerous surgeries such as knee scopes, shoulder scopes, hip scopes, partial and total knee replacements, and ACL repairs. Always given a good view, Dr. Hurbanek talked me through each surgery and pointed out key anatomical structures. He explained his procedure and reasoning for each step of a surgery. This was incredibly helpful for me, as I began to have a better understanding of each step when observing a surgery for a second time. In addition to increasing my medical knowledge, Dr. Hurbanek also discussed the path to becoming an orthopedic surgeon. We laid out a plan regarding medical school, residency, and a possible fellowship. From our conversations, I have a stronger understanding of what my future may hold. I am now even more interested in orthopedics than I was upon arriving in Chicago.

This internship also provides the opportunity to explore Chicago and the surrounding area. During my free time on weekends and at the end of a workday, I ventured into the city and took advantage of the sites, food, and attractions. Coming from a large town, it was exciting to tour the big city and see all that Chicago has to offer. I cannot thank Dr. Hurbanek and his team enough for such an amazing experience that was not only very informative, but also highly enjoyable. He is an excellent teacher and mentor that selflessly gives back to the Denison University community by sharing his profession and experiences, of which I am extremely grateful.

- Lindsey C.

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